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6 brilliant DevOps blogs for you who want to improve

Sometimes it might feel a little bit lonely being the only DevOps person at work. There are still relatively few who has realized its charm and are ready to discuss ideas back and forth – which might make it hard for you as a DevOps enthusiast to continue improving. However, there are many people around the world in the same situation and who love to share knowledge and ideas. These are people and groups who put a lot of effort on the same type of problems and solutions you might face in your everyday work. And luckily for us, most of them run DevOps blogs of some kind.

To help you get to this information without needing to search for yourself, we at Solidify has compiled a list over what we think is 6 great blogs for your who want to know more and improve at DevOps.

1. IT Revolution Press

Gene Kim, DevOps guru and the author of The Phoenix Project, writes in his blog about DevOps in general, various case studies from different industries and organisations, reviews software and tools, and much more. If you haven’t yet read his book – do so and you will surely come back with newfound motivation!

2. The DevOps Guys

Written by James Smith (developer) and Steve Thair (operations), this blog provides great insight into how collaboration between these two divisions can be achieved in order to produce and deliver more value. Among other things, they write about common problems when trying to bring DevOps to greater scale and the role of DevOps in ongoing digital transformations.


If you are interested in DevOps and read DevOps blogs, chances are you probably already follow this blog. We still feel that this is a blog worth mentioning in case someone hasn’t yet heard of it. With very diverse content and perspectives on DevOps, continually produces content regardless of what aspect of DevOps you are interested in. Developers, cloud enthusiasts and various types of leaders can all find something of interest here.

4. Dev2Ops

Another of our favourite DevOps blogs is run by Damon Edwards, co-founder of DTO Solutions. It is filled with videos and a large amount of presentations and interviews, making blog a great resource for those who like to learn by watching and listening more than reading.

5. Puppet blog

Almost everyone in the DevOps industry has heard of Puppet. In their blog you can find posts and articles about DevOps, cloud, continuous delivery and much more. Besides blogging, they also produce great whitepapers and e-books for you to dig even deeper into specific topics. Have a look at their advice for building a DevOps career and the popular 2016 State of DevOps Report.

6. SD Architect

Sanjeev Sharma, author behind DevOps for dummies, runs a blog about everyday life within IT and DevOps in varying formats. You can find everything from webinars, presentation slides, videos and of course regular blog posts here.

Which is your favourite blog? Have we missed a blog to include in our list? Let us know in the comments or send us a mail at [email protected]!

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