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6 questions to ask yourself about DevOps

Think of the concept DevOps. What comes first to mind? To many, DevOps is still something diffuse and unclear, despite the IT world nowadays accepted the concept as a solution for faster innovation, higher quality and in general more efficient development. There is no longer any doubt that DevOps is here to stay, but what exactly does it mean?

According to us is DevOps a evolved form of agile software development. It is neither a platform, technology or process, but rather a way of working that requires a cultural change and cooperation between groups. To put it short, DevOps is a way to remodel the old silo way of working and create an environment where developers (Dev) and operations (Ops) cooperate to better deliver business value.

Gartner definines DevOps accordingly:

DevOps represents a change in IT culture, focusing on rapid IT service delivery through the adoption of agile, lean practices in the context of a system-oriented approach. DevOps emphasizes people (and culture), and seeks to improve collaboration between operations and development teams. DevOps implementations utilize technology — especially automation tools that can leverage an increasingly programmable and dynamic infrastructure from a life cycle perspective.

6 questions your organisation should ask itself regarding DevOps

We now know what DevOps actually means and it’s time to think about whether or not it might be a good fit for you and your organisation. Here are some questions to think about:

  1. Do you have problems meeting deadlines?
  2. Are your build, release and test process not yet automated?
  3. Do you experience increasing development and deployment costs?
  4. Do you need a more stable production environment?
  5. Do you want to increase customer satisfaction through frequent updates, direct feedback and continuous improvements?
  6. Are you ready to leave outdated work methods behind and focus on what’s more modern?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above, it might be time to consider making a shift towards DevOps. It today’s development landscape it’s all about speed, quality and delivering value. There are many ways to achieve this and a lot can be said about DevOps, but the fact remains that it’s no longer just a prediction – it moves towards a necessity.


Have you started your shift towards DevOps yet? Let us know what you think about DevOps and it’s upcoming role in software development below!

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