Afshin Mohammadi Solidify

Afshin Mohammadi presenting at DevTribe Gathering 2

DevTribe is a community where developers can inspire and learn from each other. The event DevTribe Gathering 2 is hosted by Softhouse in Stockholm the 21st of October and Solidifys Afshin Mohammadi is one of the speakers. Afshin will talk about continuous delivery and DevOps, topics both stemming from agile development.

Afshin says:

Software development is a craft where you can actively train your skills and, using knowledge of a wide array of techniques and tools, choose which method is the most fitting for every task. At Solidify we are passionate about improving the software development industry for everyone, including customers, colleagues and competitors. Good design, architecture and efficient work methods are always correct no matter their heritage. In the end, everyone will benefit from a collective effort to raise the level.

Read more about the event here.