Continuous Delivery and Azure Microservices Deep Dive

Microservices have become a popular architectural style for building resilient and highly scalable cloud applications. Consisting of many smaller services that can be deployed independently by many different teams, microservice applications create flexibility and shorter reaction times. Using cloud technologies such as VSTS and Azure Container Services will help you […]

Visual Studio 2017 launch event tonight

The live event around the Visual Studio 2017 launch starts tonight at 17.00 local time (CET +1). The launch event will go on for two days and celebrates that Visual Studio turns 20 years as well as the availability of the newest release, Visual Studio 2017. On the live stream of […]

Release management and why it’s so important

Today, many customers expect to be met with fast releases, improvements and feedback response. Just as Facebook and Amazon continuously roll out updates, modern organizations need efficient release management to better meet expectations and demands.  Release Management is a discipline within software development that takes care of composition, packeting and installatio […]