Solidify joins IDG CodeNight

On October 15th IDG arranges the third edition of CodeNight, an event with a mix of presentations, chatting and networking. Solidify will join together with Informator and Mathias will hold a presentation titled “Modern development requires modern environment”. Here’s a short synopsis of the presentation: Developing software is hard – […]

Modern development and infrastructure

With the cloud development the last few years we have a couple of new opportunities regarding infrastructure on developer workstations, team collaboration, development/test and production environments. Developer workstations There are two important aspects regarding developer workstations: The first is the time to get a new workstation running, the average time […]

VSO in Europe

Great news for those of you who want to use VSO (Visual Studio Online) but did not like the idea of having all your data in the US. VSO is now hosted in Europe as well! To be more precise it is hosted in the Netherlands. This should make VSO a […]