Local DevOps Bootcamp

The Global DevOps Bootcamp - locally!

The Global DevOps Bootcamp has grown to become a major hit in the DevOps world. With over 10'000 attendees spread out over 89 different venues around the globe, many have participated in creating a great DevOps event. This year, we learned about Sire Reliability Engineering (SRE) and it works together with DevOps. Now, we at Solidify offer you a chance to run the Bootcamp at your site, locally.

The local version of the global bootcamp follows the same concept as the global one. It's a one-day experience for everyone passionate about DevOps, where we create a unique learning opportunity. This year's theme was: You build it, you run away it, putting an emphasis on the run part of DevOps in the following three steps:

  • Detect
  • Respond
  • Recover

The Local DevOps Bootcamp

With our help, you can create the local DevOps bootcamp at your site. This way, we handle everything from setting up the infrastructure with Azure and Azure DevOps to utilizing our fully automatic disruption system to recreate real-life scenarios and of course, we help restoring them again. You can then instead put your efforts towards teaching and learning the material.

There's also the option of letting us handle the bootcamp in its entirety. We will then be available on site for the entire day, acting as teachers and interacting with the participants. In other words, you get to experience the entire Global DevOps Bootcamp for yourself, whenever and however you want it.

Niall Murphy, Director of Engineering for Azure Cloud Services and Site Reliability Engineering for Microsoft, helped out by recording a video on what Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is and how its practices work in conjunction with DevOps.

The local Keynote was mostly delivered by the organizers of the venues. We also had some special guests appearing around the globe; The League of DevOps Advocates run by Donovan Brown!

We provided all the attendees with 8 disruptions they could complete where they had to work together as a team to first detect the disruption on the web shop we provisioned for them. Next they could respond with a quick fix to get their shop up and running again. Then they had time to figure out a permanent solution to automatically recover or prevent the disruption from happening in the first place.

A list of all the disruptions you could challenge your team with:

  1. Message from the CEO - Help needed on Social Media
  2. Sentiment on social media (Twitter) goes negative due to issue with site
  3. Credentials are leaked and are rotated
  4. SSL Certificate suddenly expired
  5. Connections to database are flaky and causes random errors
  6. Denial of service on your application
  7. Supply chain attack
  8. Exception rate goes up

Comments from attendees

Jerker Ek, Azure DevOps platform responsible at Skandia:

We enjoyed the Local DevOps Bootcamp very much. It gave us valuable insights in how to work with SRE, both hands-on exercise and the theory behind it, all in a nice packaged event. I recommend others interested in SRE to do it as well.


The Azure DevOps tools were not familiar to me until now, but this was really awesome

Product Owner Maersk:

..for example I recommended to my architect that he join the bootcamp as part of his 'discovery growth' for this year.He came back from that event literally 'glowing' from the experience of spending half of his weekend working on a DevOps scenario..


I never worked with Azure, but I did not know it was so easy!

Product Marketing Manager Azure DevOps:

Let me join the others in congratulating you for the success!

I attended the bootcamp in Vancouver as an attendee. It was a terrific experience and I learnt a lot! It was easy to see the amount of work that you put in organizing this, and I'm impressed by how well you managed to make everything happen.

I hope we'll be able to partner again next year!


Great to learn the run side of DevOps, now I know it is called SRE 😊

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Are you interested in running a local DevOps bootcamp at your company? Let us know by sending us an email to info@solidify.se.