Gabriel Johansson joins Solidify Stockholm

September 15, 2019

Gabriel Johansson

Right off the vacation we're happy to welcome our newest member of the Solidify Stockholm team, Gabriel Johansson. Gabriel will work as a DevOps/ALM consultant and is passionate about helping organizations improving and automating the way they are building and delivering software.

With more than 10 years experience of system development and consulting, Gabriel can provide expertise within several areas, including design patterns and best practices to make the development process more efficient.

Over the years, Gabriel has worked in various roles such as System Developer, Lead Developer, Test Manager, Scrum Master and CM/Release manager. Now, focusing mostly on cloud development, micro services and CI/CD using Azure & Azure Devops.

Lightning questions to Gabriel

1. Why did you choose Solidify? *I'm a Microsoft developer with strong passion for agile proccesses, devops and application lifecycle management.

*Solidify operates on the cutting edge within these areas and encompasses my vision on how agile system development should look like.

The ability to work with similar minded experts and help customers solve real life propblems was a great driver for me, when chosing to work at Solidify.

2. What are your areas of expertise? *I have vast experience from many areas within agile software development. Particularly within cloud development, design patterns and development practises.

With a truly agile mindset, one of my greatest assets is the ability to cope with failures and learn from previous mistakes.

3. What do you like to do on your own time? When not out boating with my family or travelling to interesting places, I spend a lot of time grasping the continously evolving technology landscape.

Nowadays it's mostly about cloud development, container based microservices and CI/CD using Azure & Azure Devops.

Once again, welcome to the team Gabriel!