Local DevOps Bootcamp at Skandia

December 22, 2019

Global DevOps Bootcamp

The Global DevOps Bootcamp concept is a worldwide event we have been running together with our colleagues at Xpirit for three years.

Last year the theme was moving a monolith application to Azure and changing the release cadence from once a month to multiple times a day, applying modern release techniques.

This year the theme was Site Reliability Engineering, where we provided the attendees with a web shop and several disruptions of the applications that they as a team should complete together.

Local DevOps Bootcamp at Skandia

In the end of November we did a Local DevOps bootcamp at Skandia, one Sweden’s largest insurance companies. We had about 30 people divided into 5 teams running through the exercises trying to have their web shop running through the day and handling the following disruptions:

  • Credentials are leaked and are rotated
  • SSL Certificate suddenly expired
  • Connections to database are flaky and causes random errors
  • Denial of service on your application
  • Exception rate goes up

Jerker Ek, responsible for the Azure DevOps platform at Skandia

We enjoyed the Local DevOps Bootcamp very much. It gave us valuable insights in how to work with SRE, both hands-on exercise and the theory behind it, all in a nice packaged event. I recommend others interested in SRE to do it as well.

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For more detailed information about the Local version of the Global DevOps Bootcamp, take a look at the page here.If you are interested is us doing this event at your company contact us at info@solidify.com.