Per Sundqvist new COO of Solidify Gothenburg

January 24, 2020

Per Sundqvist

2020 comes with a lot of novelty and why not start off with one of our company internal news?

Solidify keeps growing, and we want to keep doing so. In order for that to happen, we recognize the need for additional sales and recruitment initiatives. Managing these becomes a task in itself and this is why we're glad to announce that our colleague Per Sundqvist will be taking on the challenge as COO for the Gothenburg office.

Per has great knowledge of everything from agile software development and classic DevOps practices such as release management and tools expertise to leadership and project management.

He has been a great asset to Solidify as a traditional consultant and we believe that he will contribute even more when adding sales and recruitment responsibilities to his list of duties.

Lightning questions to Per

How do you feel about your new position as COO?

The more I get to know the people in the company, I feel more and more priviliged to get this opportunity. I'm excited!

What will be your main tasks in your new position?

I will split my time between continuing to help our customers as a DevOps consultant and acting as responsible for personnel and resource allocation for the Gothenburg office. In addition, I will be managing sales, budget and growth initiatives.

What are you looking forward to the most?

Since I'm new in Gothenburg, I'm looking forward to giving Solidify more visibility in the area. It will also be super interesting to work with the Gothenburg team during 2020 - we have a bigger and improved office, new interesting customers and some really cool assignments in the pipe.

CEO Magnus Juvas comment

I am thrilled that Per has taken on the role as COO in Gothenburg. Together with Mathias Olausson and the rest of the team, we are now ready to serve new and existing customers in the region even better.

Welcome to your new role, Per!