Solidify ranks 19th in Sweden's Best Workplaces!

April 21, 2020

Sweden's best workplaces Solidify

Great Place to Work is an independent consulting company that evaluates various workplaces all over the world. Each year, they conduct a study of the very best places in each region and category, and 2019 was the first year that Solidify met the minimum size requirements for participation. Many of Sweden's best known and most popular brands take part in the survey, and it is one we at Solidify have great respect for.

The Sweden's Best Workplaces ranking consists of a thorough employee survey focused on credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie as well as a company audit in which fundamental structures and processes are considered. As you've probably figured out, Solidify participated in the category Small Businesses (20-49 employees).

Solidify ranks top 20 in Sweden's Best Workplaces

In December, we found out that we qualified to become a certified Great Place to Work. Today, the final results of the 2019 Great Place to Work study was revealed and we are super proud to announce that we were ranked as the 19th best in Sweden's Best Workplaces!

To be a part of the top 20 list is simply amazing, and to be ranked as 19th our very first year to be evaluated is something we're extremely proud of. While the result itself is secondary, it does speak volumes of the fact that our employees and coworkers really enjoy working at Solidify. That is what makes us the proudest. We very much aim towards making Solidify a place in which employees and coworkers feel safe, trusted and take pride in the work they do - not only for ourselves and our customers, but also for the DevOps and software development industry as a whole.

CEO Magnus Juvas on the ranking

I am really happy with our ranking and what we have achieved so far. This year, the Corona virus has effected everything in our lives. The pandemic will be the big test for us as a business and employer. Now it is more important than ever that we can make both customers and employees feel safe and secure with us as a company. A challenge I hope we at Solidify can handle in the best possible way, so that we are an even better employer when the crisis is over.

Looking ahead

Obviously we are very proud of the ranking, but we still feel like this is just the beginning. Finishing 19th on the list this year puts some pressure on us, and we would like to improve that ranking even further. We have already began working towards finding better processes and improving the company culture in order to once again make the top list. Would you like to join our journey and climb the ranking? Send us an application on

Let's go!