Solidify on the Azure Marketplace

March 24, 2020

Solidify on the Azure Marketplace

As many of you know, Solidify is a close partner to Microsoft. With a number of competencies and certifications, we've earned the highest status - Gold status - as partners in DevOps, Cloud Platform and Application Development. Needless to say, this partnership means a great deal to us.

It's therefore important to us that we're as visible as possible. And what's the best place to stay visible in a Microsoft context? The Azure Marketplace, of course!

As of right now, we have two different offers on the Azure Marketplace, and this blog post is a short summary of the two.

Go to GitHub - 2 week implementation

The first of the two offers is centered around migrating to GitHub (one of our other partners). Here, we help you with the transition from other platforms such as TFS, Jira, Trello, Confluence, Bamboo, Jenkins, Bitbucket, GitLab, Subversion and many others to GitHub.

The offer itself consists of four phases:

  1. Analysis Solidify will start by analyzing your existing development platform to see which parts that have to be modified as part of the migration. The analysis phase will be one to three days depending on company size, after the analyze phase we will give you an offer for the remining three phases. Part of the job or all can be done remote.

  2. Training Before the migration we train your team to handle the new source control provider and/or work item platform.

  3. Migration/Adoption We help you setup Azure along with subscription and licensing needed to use the GitHub platform. We migrate your code and/or work items to the new platform and help you adopt your process

  4. Mentoring After the migration/adoption is complete we can support your teams challenges by mentoring.

Result and price

The result of the delivery will be your source code and/or work items successfully migrated GitHub, where you fully can integrate with and utilize the Azure platform.

Price and duration will vary depending on size.

You can find the offer here.

Go to Azure DevOps, 2 week implementation

This offer is very similar to our Go to GitHub offer, but instead focused on migrating to Azure DevOps. We can still help you migrate from the above mentioned platforms to Azure DevOps, and the result is similar.

The offer consists of the same phases and just as for the first offer, both price and duration vary depending of the size of your project(s).

In essence, if you're interested in moving to Azure DevOps instead of moving to GitHub, this is the offer for you.

You'll find the offer here.


That's it for the two offers we have available on the Azure Marketplace at the moment of writing. Stay tuned for more information, as we'll undoubtedly continue to expand our Azure Marketplace portfolio.

As always, we have a whole range of other services available, so check out our areas of expertise here.

If you're interested in any of these services or simply have questions regarding Azure or DevOps in general, feel free to get in touch.