Solidify Christmas gift at the Swedish Red Cross

December 18, 2019

Solidify christmas gift 2019

As per usual in December, Christmas spirit fills the Solidify office and everyone starts to look forward to the next year.

Before we do that though, it's a good time to take a look at the society we live in and how we can contribute to bettering it for 2020. It seems to us that a common theme around Christmas is Christmas gifts, and we have one to present (pun intended) in this post.

Solidify and the Red Cross

Over the years, we've become acquianted with the people over at the Swedish Red Cross. For those that do not know of the Swedish Red Cross, they are an organization that specializes in crisis relief in exposed countries. They act across the globe, helping people in crisis, war and natural disasters by distributing water, healthcare and psychosocial support.

In addition, they reunite scattered families, support refugees and make sure that human rights in war and captivity are being respected. Last year they got the question from MSB (Myndigheten för Samhällsberedskap) to organize all volunteers around the wildfires.

Being a modern organization, the Swedish Red Cross also works with software and system development. This is where we at Solidify come in.

Our Christmas gift this year consists of two weeks worth of consulting time for the Swedish Red Cross, in regards to their DevOps initiatives for their in-house software development.

We will help them create a faster, more reliable and secure way to deliver software using DevSecOps concepts and technology.

Pia Ahlgren, Chief Digital Development at the Swedish Red Cross

We have worked with Solidify before and their gift, professionalism and knowledge, will help us take the next step in our DevOps journey.

CEO Magnus Juvas on this year's gift

We at Solidify love being comitted and involved in our gifts. Our approach is simply to help others help! In 2020 we will cooperate with the Red Cross to help them collect contributions in a more efficent and secure way, by using our expertise in modern software development practices such as DevSecOps.

CSR at Solidify

We value doing right for ourselves in the society we live in. Donating money is one way of doing so, but we believe that a better way to contribute is by helping with what we do best - our consulting specialties.

Last year, our gift consisted of both investing and helping Skymining, a company focused on reversing both the carbon flow and climate change in general.

This year, we chose the Swedish Red Cross. We hope that this gift inspires you to also contribute in any way you can and if you can't, at least try to take care of those closest to you.

Merry Christmas from us here at Solidify!