Christmas present of the year will be Minecraft lego, Hello Kitty and kickbikes

Around 230 000 children in Sweden experience poverty – children in families with such low income that the money isn’t enough to cover essential costs such as new clothes or leisure activities. Children that doesn’t have the same opportunities at meaningful leisure time as kids from more stable economies. Christmas time often brings extra hardhsip to these families, as the parents seldom have enough to afford neither christmas food nor presents for their children. 

Instead of buying christmas presents to our coworkers, we at Solidify have decided to instead give gifts to children who need them more than we do. This is a part of the work done by the Salvation Army to improve economically challenges families opportunities to celebrate the kind of christmas that most of us do every year. The families will be give presents for all children and a gift certificate at ICA to buy christmas food.

Together with our colleagues at Transcendent Group, we have bought a total of 50 christmas gifts for both young and older kids. Among these are lego and gift certificates at Åhléns for families with teenagers, a target group that the Salvation Army has extra problems bringing christmas gifts to. We wrapped all the presents together at the office and sent them to the Salvation Army office at Observatorielunden in Stockholm for deliveries.

Through this action we hope to contribute to an even merrier christmas for young children and their parents, relieving them of the stress that economic hardship often brings.