Continuous Delivery Deep Dive

Continuous Delivery and Azure Microservices Deep Dive [Postponed dates]

Due to an insufficient number of participants, these events have been postponed to 20th and 22nd of March. All previous registrations have been cancelled free of charge. In order to register for the later dates, please fill out the form on this link: registration form.


Microservices have become a popular architectural style for building resilient and highly scalable cloud applications. Consisting of many smaller services that can be deployed independently by many different teams, microservice applications create flexibility and shorter reaction times.

Using cloud technologies such as VSTS and Azure Container Services will help you implement and deliver applications that follows this type of architecture.

We at Solidify and Active Solution invite you to join us for this exclusive one-day continuous delivery and microservices training. The number of guests is limited, so sign up as soon as possible.

The event will take place in both Göteborg (Mar 20th) and in Stockholm (Mar 22nd) and cost 6000 SEK per person.

Deep Dive

This day will be a mixture of presentations and hands-on labs, where speakers Mathias Olausson and Jakob Ehn will guide you through different scenarios where you can try out the theory in practice.

During the day we will cover topics such as:

  • Microservices architecture
    • Design principles
    • Breaking up the monolith
  • Implementing trunk based development practices with Visual Studio Team Services
    • Feature flags
    • Pull requests
    • Branch/Build policies
  • Using container techonologies for packaging and delivering applications with zero downtime
    • Docker for Windows
    • Azure Container registry
  • Deployment pipelines with Visual Studio Team Services
    • Build automation
    • Release management

And much more. Since the training consists of many hands-on labs, you need to bring a computer. To get the most out of the day, you have previous experience with Visual Studio. Previous expereience with Microsoft Azure or containers is not required.

Click here to register.

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