The Phoenix Project simulation

Based on the famous book The Phoenix Project comes the Phoenix Project simulation, a game-like workshop in which participants are faced with life-like challenges and objectives to achieve DevOps in the workplace.

The Global DevOps Bootcamp

Due to popular demand we're now offering the DevOps challenges presented on the Global DevOps Bootcamp summer event. Learn about containerization, telemetry, release gates, blue/green deployment and much more.

DevOps using Visual Studio 2017

DevOps is the future - we're convinced of that. This three-day course provides insights into the concept and is designed for anyone responsible for building, deploying and monitoring their business applications.

TFS 2018 Administration

A practical two-day workshop training where you as the Team Foundation Server responsible learn how to install, configure and administrate TFS 2018. The workshop includes, but is not limited to, strategies at installation, SQL Server 2016/2018 installation and administration of TFS 2018 and Reporting Services.

Scrum and agile introduction

This two-day course provides basic knowledge of Scrum as a methodology and introduce you to the tools you need in order to transform your team into a creative and produce Scrum machine. You'll learn what Scrum menas, why it works, common problems and solutions as well as practical exercises.

Software testing using Microsoft Test Manager 2017

Nowadays, developers should be able to pinpoint issues quicker than ever before and with Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), this is possible. This three day course is designed for testers who need to gain a solid practical knowledge of testing applications using Microsoft Test Professional 2017