• DevOps using Visual Studio 2017

    DevOps is part of the future of software development. This three-day course covers everything from PowerShell and PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) to Azure automation, application insights, release management, application diagnostics and troubleshooting, IntelliTrace, and much more

    This course is designed for team members responsible for building, deploying and monitoring their business applications. Attendees should be familiar with Visual Studio and deploying applications. Experience using scripting language or Powershell would be of benefit.

Course content

Everything the course covers

  • DevOps introduction

    What is DevOps and why is it important? DevOps goals, overview of the Visual Studio family as well as DevOps related product features.

  • Agile planning

    Overview of agile planning tools, how to shorten lead times, managing a prioritized flow of work to the team as well as enabling agility.

  • Technical debt

    Learn unit testing and code coverage, identifying code clones, how to use CodeLens and understanding you application using CodeMaps.

  • Configuring build environments

    Understanding build infrastructure, creating Agent pools and queues, specifying capabilities, configuring security and getting an overview of hosted build infrastructure.

  • Build definition

    Creating new build definitions, understanding build templates, selecting the solution to build, running tests as part of a build and queuing a build.

  • Builds, closer look

    Selecting source repository, running multiple builds, working with build variables, configuring continuous integration (CI), extending builds using scripts, viewing build status and more.

  • Release management

    Key concepts in release management, creating environments and releases, configuring approval workflows and continuous release, linking build definitions to releases and more.

  • Environment configuration

    Understanding environments, selecting deployment queue, defining custom variables, handling deployment conditions, cloning environments and more.

  • Release workflow

    Release workflows for Azure, releasing Azure applications, introduction to Powershell, continuous learning and more.

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