• Scrum and agile introduction

    The agile framework named Scrum has the power to transform your project management regardless of your industry and organization. By using Scrum you can lead your organization towards a more agile work and discover how you not only react faster to changes and requirements, but also how to keep focus on the right tasks, cooperate and communicate better as well as deliver end value quicker.

    This course gives you an introduction to Scrum as a methodology and introduce you to the tools you need to turn your team into a create and productive Scrum machine. You'll learn that Scrum means, why it works and how to apply theories in practice. The course also contains practical simulations where you'll hone your skills in life-like scenarios.

Course content

Everything the course covers

  • Scrum introduction

    Introductory information to the framework, various roles involved and how it works as a whole.

  • How teams work

    Group dynamics, how to approach conflict and other team related information.

  • Estimation and planning

    How to best estimate and plan time, budget and progress along agile projects.

  • Measurements

    Learn how to use metrics and measurements to find out how your teams is doing in regards to goals and specific areas.

  • Visibility and transparency

    The importance of visual aids and transparency in the various processes. This includes burndown charts, Kanban boards, etc.

  • Retrospectives and improving

    Continuous improvement, adaptation and learning process. Aiming high is key and this course teaches you methods for maintaining focus on improvement.

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