• TFS 2018 Administration

    Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2018 is one of our absolute favorite tools of all time. There are quite a few differences compared to earlier versions and keeping your development environment up to date is almost always a good idea.

    This two-day course will cover everything from installation strategies to configuration and administration. During the two days, you will learn by running the installation yourself in a secure and stable lab environment.

Course content

Everything the course covers

  • Installation

    Getting started with prerequisites, integration with other tools and using best practices for smooth installation.

  • Configurations

    Create your own version configured to the needs of you and your team.

  • Administration

    Administrating your configured version of TFS 2018 with health monitoring, service accounts and more.

  • Permission management

    Fine-grain security options, server level permissions, restricted TFS access and using command lines for managing security.

  • Source code management

    Creating source code structures, project wide source control settings, understanding workspaces and more.

  • Process templates

    Understanding process templates, the basics of template customization, adding fields, queries and reports.

  • Build automation

    Overview of build infrastructure, scaling the build infrastructure and an overview of hosted build services.

  • Visual Studio Team Services

    Taking things to the next level with the cloud version of TFS - Visual Studio Team Services.

  • TFS reports

    Reporting architecture, adding new reports, Warehouse and OLAP Cube overview and more.

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