DevOps Engineer

We all know it; software development could be so much better and so much smoother. By bringing processes, tools and people together, everyone is capable of creating awesome products in shorter time than ever.

We believe that you need to constantly change and adapt to better survive varying demands. If you want to be around some of the best in the business while inspiring others to see the possibilities we see, Solidify is the place for you.

We're currently looking for DevOps talent in Stockholm, Göteborg as well as Oslo, Norway.


Skills and experience necessary for this position

  • 95


    The vast majority of your time will be spent with various customers from small product companies to large corporations.

  • 67

    Configuration management

    While toolsets and processes is far from everything, configuration management is critical to a working continuous delivery pipeline.

  • 76

    Agile coaching

    A big part of DevOps is influencing people; effective coaching is a big part of success.

  • 88

    Continuous delivery

    Continuous delivery is at the core of DevOps.

About the position

We are looking for someone with experience and knowledge of DevOps and configuration management, with a background in software development. You are interested in automation, build and release processes and will support development teams with both strategy and actual implementations.

You are also experienced within the following areas:

  • Microsoft development tools, especially TFS/VSTS
  • Release management
    • Jenkins/VSTS/Octopus
  • .NET/.NET Core

Other beneficial experience includes:

  • Agile
  • DevOps
  • Continuous delivery

You will have decades of knowledge and experience in the form of your colleagues at close distance. Some of the absolute top in the industry, Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals Mathias Olausson and Taavi Kõosaar, contribute to daily internal discussion.

To apply for this position, send us your resume and a personal letter to [email protected].