License Update Visual Studio Online and maybe TFS 2013.4


With all the nice stuff included in TFS web access you probably have a lot of Stakeholders who are interested in using TFS web access. Up to now to use the Backlog and other stuff you needed a TFS CAL or pay 20$ per user per month in Visual Studio Online.

Now Microsoft have decided to let Stakeholders use much of this for free in Visual Studio Online with a new Stakeholder license. This will probably be introduced to on Premises TFS in TFS 2013.4 as a part of the “Limited User Access”

What will be able to do

  • Full read/write/create on all work items
  • Create, run and save (to “My Queries”) work item queries
  • View project and team home pages
  • Access to the backlog, including add and update (but no ability to reprioritize the work)
  • Ability to receive work item alerts

What they won’t be able to do

  • No access to Code, Build or Test hubs.
  • No access to Team Rooms
  • No access to any administrative functionality (Team membership, license administration, permissions, area/iterations configuration, sprint configuration, home page configuration, creation of shared queries, etc.)

Access to the Test Hub in Visual Studio Online

If you want access to the Test hub in TFS Web Access you need Visual Studio Premium, Ultimate or Test professional. If you are an acceptance tester and only need access to the Test Hub that might be a bit expensive, the cheapest version you can buy is Visual Studio Test professional.

Microsoft has now decided to include this in the Visual Studio Online Advanced plan. At the moment this will not be included in on premises TFS.

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