Migration from ReQtest/Excel to TFS

One of my customers wanted me to migrate Test Cases with steps and expected results from ReQtest to Team Foundation Server. This is how you do it:

Export your Test Cases from ReQtest to Excel.

Download and install Test Migrator Plus from Codeplex, http://tcmimport.codeplex.com/.

Start Test Case Migrator Plus and you will get this Wizard, click “Next”.

Select the Excel source.

Select your Team Foundation Server collection, Project and Work Item Type. You can migrate requirements and bugs to.

In the settings tab you can save a settings file or create a new file.

Map your source fields to the destination fields. If you want to connect your Test Cases to and existing test plan use the Test suites drop down.

In the data mapping tab you can select to create Area and Iterations paths (default selected).

In the Links mapping tab you can create links between Work Items.

In the Miscellaneous tab you can select:

  • If multiple steps are present in a single cell
  • Other step delimiters
  • Mappings and report location.

Click Save and migrate

Review the result in Team Explorer



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