Kristoffer Karlsson

Kristoffer is a fullstack developer at Solidify. He has great software development competencies and will be a valuable addition to our own development team. With a degree in computer science from Chalmers University of Technology and special competence within development and testing, contributes to both internal and customer software development.

– The best thing about software development is that it involves both creative thinking and problem solving. You’re given the opportunity to work in vastly different domains, which brings variation and encourages new lines of thinking, something I truly appreciate! In addition, I’m driven by a curiosity and will to always learn more to improve on my skills, says Kristoffer himself.

– I’m easily stimulated by working with competent people and a firm believer in prestigelessness where everyone is allowed to contribute, he continues. This is why Solidify fits me perfectly, since I will be given the opportunity to work with some of the best in the industry and where there’s a clear focus on spreading knowledge both within and outside the company.