Per Sundqvist and Jens Målare

Per Sundqvist and Jens Målare joins Solidify

We’re happy to announce that the Solidify team has just been reinforced with talents Per Sundqvist and Jens Målare. They’re both most recently from Sogeti, where they worked with helping customers implement ALM and DevOps principles on the Microsoft stack.

With over 20 years of Software engineering experience and a certified Scrum Master, Per will helps customers with both the process and the tools involved in DevOps. He is a passionate coach and teacher, and consistently recieves very good evaluations and results on his courses. When not at the gym, Per loves to teach courses and to deliver customer specific education and workshops. His own words about the new position:

I’m very excited and look forward to taking on new challenges with the collective competence in Solidify supporting me.

Jens has a background as a C++ developer and has since moved on to various consulting roles and organizations. He is highly competent in DevOps processes such as requirement structuring, agile testing and formal verification of deliverables in the development process. Here’s what he has to say about himself and his new role at Solidify:

I like working together with people and making their development work smoothly on a day-to-day basis. It can be about everything from configuring tools the right way to creating prerequisites for organizations to get insights into and improve their processes and methods.

At Solidify, I’ll have access to a network of colleagues that I can turn to for help, knowledge and experience. I believe that there’s a competitive advantage to a smaller company with quick communication channels and a more personal contact between colleagues.

Welcome to the company, Per and Jens!

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