Process configuration

Alignment and automation of agile teams is important when working at scale, but it can be time-consuming to maintain. @Scale extends Azure DevOps with process capabilities to make this easer to get started and keep going.

  • Custom Azure DevOps SAFe process template. We bring a SAFe process template to Azure DevOps so you don't have to spend time coming up with one on your own.
  • Automating configuration of Azure DevOps projects. It should be easy to get started so we provide a guided configuration process that automatically adds the artfacts used in the SAFe frameword, for instance release trains, program increments and objectives.


When working with agile at scale repeatable tasks can easily become significant chores, so in the spirit of lean principles we want to automate what we can to remove waste. In @Scale we've also added tooling for additional planning concepts and artifacts introduced by SAFe, including

  • Automating creation of ARTs, Program Increments and Sprints. Tools should support and not be in the way, in agile there are a lot of recurring tasks what @Scale tries to automated. No more manually adding sprints to teams for each PI, the tool will do it for you!
  • Documenting PI and Team PI Objectives. An important part of measuring performance and delivery precision is to set objectives for the PIs and then measure the outcome.

Dependency management

Working together at scale requires increased visibility into what others are doing. @Scale adds an interactice program board to make documenting and sharing that information easier.

  • Quickly document PI. The program board lets you easily add features directly to the board or add map them from an existing backlog.
  • Share PI overview. With a digital program board anyone can look at the result from the PI planning.
  • Visualize dependencies. The program board shows dependencies between features and it's really easy to add new by dropping cards on each other to make a connection.


Quick insights into project status is essential, @Scale shows metrics that matters in your SAFe planning, including

  • Solution Train Predictability. Sums the performance metrics as the average outcome for each release train.
  • Program Predictability. The chart show actual business value achieved compared to planned business value.