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Secret & Privacy Scanner

Detect secrets and privacy leaks instantly

Secret & Privacy Scanner will help your company keep your repositories and tickets clean from confidential and sensitive data that might cause security issues and leaks or violate GDPR laws.

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Safe guard your repositories and other content tools with top of the line scanners while maintaining full control.

  • Configurable alert system
  • Web ui for manual whitelisting of secrets
  • Everything packaged in containers for simple deployment
  • Simple configuration. Configure once per azure devops project.
  • Supports both on prem and cloud azure devops installations
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Settings scan source

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Zero unwanted sensitive data

Act on secrets early and remove or change them from identified sources.

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Simple set up

Secret scanner is delivered with a pre-configured set of rules. With only one configuration per Azure DevOps project Secret Scanner will scan all your repositories. Even future ones.

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Data from anywhere

Supported integrations GitHub, Azure DevOps, GitLab, BitBucket, Jira and many many more...

Quick Feedback Notification

When secrets are found the system triggers an automatic alert. The alert method is configurable and extendable. Alert recipients are also configurable. Out of the box you can configure Secret Scanner to alert by mail or to Splunk ... or both.

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Setup rules

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Commit code

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Detect secrets

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