Microsoft Ignite the Tour Stockholm

Reflections on Microsoft Ignite Stockholm

Microsoft’s popular conference tour, Ignite, recently took place in Stockholm for the first time since its beginning. With over 100 deep-dives and workshops as well as over 350 experts talking, it is one of Microsoft’s biggest and most viewed conferences each year, and we at Solidify are proud to have been a presence there, both as speakers and participants.

First off, we did a Community Meetup and our colleagues Mathias Olausson, Taavi Koosaar and Magnus Timner talked about Azure DevOps and later on, Taavi held his own presentation on securing secrets in modern application development.

The event was a success on every metric and we look forward to seeing more about what Microsoft has in store for the future. For now, here are some reflections on the conference and summaries from Solidify participants Petra Liljecrantz and Magnus Timner.

Magnus Timner and Mathias Olausson

At our session we talked about our ALM/DevOps Meetup Group, what we’ve done so far and our plans going forward. We then took a tour around Azure DevOps, looked at some news and demoed requirements in Azure Boards, source code in Azure Repos and build/release with Azure Pipelines. Finally, we put all code on GitHub, made it open source and showcased the integration between Azure DevOps and GitHub.
More on the session can be found here (requires login with Microsoft account and Ignite access).
Mathias Olausson presenting
Mathias Olausson presenting
Magnus Timner presenting
Magnus Timner presenting

Petra Liljecrantz

A well organized event with many sessions to choose from in many differens areas. Everything from beginner level Azure to more advanced development and operations as well as everything in between was available, making sure there was something for everyone. The best sessions were from our colleague Taavi Koosaar on handling secrets in your local development environment until it’s running in production using Azure Key Vault, Jakob Ehn’s talk about Azure Kubernetes Service, always engaging and well-presenting Jessica Deen on Azure DevOps as well as Dux Raymond Sy’s incredible session – he made us all dance in the end, who would have thought that?!

Marko Koskinen

Good event, well ran by Microsoft. The sessions were a mix between Dev and Ops (though it felt more aimed towards Ops) with a heavy focus on Azure in between sessions.
The best sessions were Taavi Koosar (Journey to secure secrets in modern application development), Jakob Ehn (Continuous Delivery with Azure Kubernetes Services) and Orin Thomas (Securing your Azure environment).
Taavi Koosaar presenting
Taavi Koosaar presenting
More on Taavi’s session can be found here (requires login with Microsoft account and Ignite access).

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