Simon Liolios

Simon Liolios joins Solidify Stockholm

Solidify keeps expanding and the latest addition to the team is Simon Liolios. He’s not a completely new face for the company, however, as he’s been with us for the past six months during the practical part of his education as a front end developer. As a Simon has now gotten used to the way we at Solidify go about our days and we decided to take a short talk with him about his “new” position as developer:

Solidify: Why did you choose Solidify?

Simon: The primary reason I chose Solidify was the potential to improve and learn. To have the opportunity to learn from the expertise already available in the company, regarding everything from methodology to code, to test and finally release felt invaluable. Another compelling reason was the company’s aspiration to use the correct technologies based on needs instead of trying to fit the needs and requirements to the technology.

What will be some typical everyday tasks as a developer at Solidify?

Simon: I will mainly help new and existing customers with their front end development, particularly React, Vue or Angular. However, I will also develop and realize internal ideas from the company, such as for example Azure DevOps extensions.

How does it feel to be a more junior addition to the otherwise senior group at Solidify?

Simon: As mentioned above, being junior in a more senior company is extremely valuable for my own development. I believe that my knowledge of the latest front end technologies in combination with the many year’s experience withing the company are a perfect fit for the new projects we are looking to take on.


We at Solidify are happy to welcome Simon to the company and are looking forward to working together on these types of tasks. Welcome, Simon!

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