Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Partner

Solidify becomes Microsoft Cloud Platform Partner

Solidify has recently been awarded the Silver Microsoft Cloud Platform Partnership. This partnership is awarded to organizations that help accelerate customer’s transition to Microsoft Online Services and aid with strategic decisions around their cloud practices. The partnership is a way for Microsoft to better connect with other organizations; it acts as both a proof of competency and provides benefits for the partner organization and its customers.

In addition, the partnership opens up possibilities for enterprise licensing, payment solutions, promotions and other special offers.

Solidify has for a long time been ALM/DevOps partners with Microsoft and now we move towards the Cloud platform partners. This partnership with Microsoft qualifies Solidify as a company that can help their customers with custom Azure solutions and help them to deploy and manage those solutions for their business in Azure.

Cloud and Azure

We at Solidify see the Cloud and Azure as an important part for our customers already working with DevOps, for some it’s the next step and some are already there. With this partnership, we want to make it easier for our customers to deliver infrastructure and software as a service (SaaS) solutions built on Microsoft Azure.

In addition, as Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) we at Solidify are licensed sell Visual Studio Licenses for our customers and help them administer their Azure investment.

Our ambition is to continue being an industry leader. Our partnership with Microsoft has always been important to us – it gives us opportunities to better support our clients in projects where we use Microsoft tools and technologies. We look forward to an ongoing good partnership with Microsoft and our customers.

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