Solidify Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner

Solidify becomes Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner

For a long time, Solidify has been a Microsoft Partner within the ALM/DevOps area. With recent technological advancements, cloud in general and Azure in particular are becoming increasingly popular. As passionate cloud enthusiasts, we welcome this change with open arms.

During October last year, Solidify was awarded the Microsoft Silver Cloud Partnership. The partnership is a way for Microsoft to show appreciation towards organizations that help customer’s transition to cloud services, something more and more companies are looking to do these days. In addition, the partnership is a way for Microsoft to better connect with other organizations; it acts as both a proof of competency and provides benefits for the partner organization and its customers.

Gold Partnership Level

We are now proud to announce that our partnership level has been upgraded and we are now considered a Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner in addition to the Gold DevOps Partnership we’ve established earlier.

With a Gold Partnership level comes higher requirements. For example, the number of customer references are increased, as well as the amount of certifications needed. All in all, the upgrade is proof that the cloud initiatives we help our clients with are successful and that their efforts are guiding them down the right path. 

As more and more recognize the upsides from working with cloud technologies, the need for help within that area rises as well. We at Solidify are happily taking on any cloud challenges out there, and can now do so proudly behind our Gold Cloud Partnership.


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