Solidify expands to Norway

Solidify expands in Oslo, Norway

As the DevOps industry grows, more and more organizations are reaching out for guidance and advice regarding how to best start their journey. There’s a lot of potential involved with DevOps; increased productivity, reduced amount of failures and higher end quality to name a few. We at Solidify find it extremely engaging that more and more realize this and look to improve themselves. This all leads to the exciting announcement that we’re opening up a new office in Oslo, Norway.

CEO Magnus Juvas comments

Here’s what our CEO Magnus Juvas has to say about the upcoming expansion:

Solidify has for over ten years helped our friends in the software development industry to increase release frequency, shorten release times and decrease mean time between failures. We do this by working with team and organizational culture, efficient development practices and world class tooling. We deliver actual tangible solutions, not slides.

Even if we have worked with fantastic teams outside of Sweden our home has been Stockholm and Gothenburg. Now it is time to change that. We will start up an operation in our favorite neighbor to the west, Norway. We already have some friends there and are eager to get to know more great people. Looking forward to be a part of Oslo’s thriving software scene.

We’re absolutely thrilled about this and look forward to helping companies and organizations across our west border. The DevOps movement grows and we are growing with it. It’s simply great to be able to expand our area of influence.

However, we’re still in the early stages of planning and recruiting. Right now we’re looking for experienced consultants to join our team in the early stages of the Norway office and need all the help we can get. If you or somebody you know are interested, take a look at our recruiting page at here or our jobs page here.

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