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Solidify launches Solidify Labs

If you have followed us as a company or this blog in general, you probably know that software development is a big passion of ours. While our main focus lies with improving efficiency through concentrated DevOps and agile efforts, development will always have a place in our hearts. After all, it’s where it all began for most of us.

This is why we’re happy to announce the opening of Solidify Labs! As consultants, we’ve gathered experience working with over 200 development organizations during the last 10 years. During that time, we’ve learned a lot.

We consider ourselves experts in developmental processes and methodologies, and feel it’s time to utilize them for our own sake. This means that through Solidify Labs we’ll develop and publish various things stemming from our own in-house development.

What we’ll build at Solidify Labs

Solidify Labs will mainly focus on two types of solutions. First, we want to create the very best DevOps tools we need to help our customers build better software, faster and to happier end users. These types of tools are simply needed in a modern development team with a DevOps way of thinking.

The other type of solution we build is simply custom software solutions for our clients. For this, we’ll rely on modern architecture, the latest proven technologies and cloud environments.

Our CEO Magnus Juvas on the work at Solidify Labs:

Solidify has during the last 10 years helped nearly 200 organizations improve the way they build, release and maintain software. We love software and the possibilities it gives us humans to create awesome things.

After many years of helping others build great stuff we will start doing it ourselves too. Why? Two reasons. First, our clients ask us to build things together with them and that is just too much fun to turn down. Second, because we think we know a whole lot about how to build great solutions with a solid architecture and modern technology. Not just about the actual functionality, but everything you need to rapid deploy updates and monitor the solution in a hassle-free way.

We have a senior team that will be there for you through the whole process. We know Microsoft .net and Azure absolutely best and those are our weapons of choice. We are happy to help you build a whole software solution of your needs or just some custom DevOps tooling you can’t find on the market. We are passionate about software development so if you are passionate about your business idea, let us build something great together!


Are you interested in creating custom tools for your development environment? Contact us and we’ll discuss it further!

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