Solidify partners with Skymining

Solidify partners with Skymining AB

For years, climate change and how to combat it has been a hot topic of debate. This planet is the only one we have and many are engaging in various ways to preserve it. To put it more specifically, individuals, organizations and governments around the globe are joining together to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and find ways to replace traditional energy sources. We at Solidify have decided to join the fight against climate change and are now thrilled to announce our partnership with Skymining AB.

Skymining’s revolutionary idea

Founded in Sweden, Skymining AB is a company that has set their sights on making a change for the better irresistible. Our shared belief is that in order to once and for all stop global warming, the will to do good is not enough; by combining sustainability with profitability, you have the perfect recipe for creating meaningful change.

While most environmental efforts are focused on reducing carbon dioxide emissions, Skymining takes a different route. Our society has for a long time been negligent of the results of our emissions. This has led to a massive excess of CO2 in the atmosphere, which can be seen as a great opportunity – if you were to somehow harvest that CO2 and create something profitable with it. In fact, the carbon currently present in our atmosphere is the world’s greatest asset.

This is exactly what Skymining does, using what they call a Skymine. A Skymine is a plantation of marginal land serviced by local facilities and warehouses to handle harvesting and processing used to mine what’s known as the carbon mine – the excess carbon in the atmosphere. As the specialized grass grows, it removes atmospheric CO2 extremely efficiently compared to other plants. The grass also grows rapidly and restores carbon sequesters to the ground. Combined with modern technology, the grass is used to absorb CO2, which in turn is used to create energy and various products.

Carbon cycle
The carbon cycle and carbon mine

In short, Skymining reverses the carbon flow by accessing and extracting atmospheric CO2 to create the carbon negative energy and products we need to thrive. They do so by combining the CO2 absorbing powers of fast-growing grass with modern technology. The process extracts emissions from the atmosphere and transforms it into clean and cheap products, such as carbon negative copies of fossil fuels.

Give the world something else to burn.

– Skymining

This type of fuel will then be used to replace oil, gas and coal. Through enabling investments in either a designated Skymine or by purchasing the carbon negative products that come from them, the needs of both ends of the industry are being met. For companies and individuals wanting to go beyond sustainable, the Skymine is a perfect opportunity to do so while also making money on the process.

Common ground

Our new partnership with Skymining is based in large upon similar values. As we all look for ways to take responsibility, the question of how remains – until now. Respect, professionalism and cooperation are things we both value highly. The idea of combining financial incentives with benevolence is, at least in our opinion, one of the most professional ways to approach the problem we’ve ever seen.

With respect for the planet and each other, Solidify will fill a technical role in helping development of the systems surrounding the Skymining process. It is a way for us to expand our circle of influence to other areas as well as our responsibility for the world. Solidify will expand the team and act as professional guidance regarding decisions and implementations of various technologies.

We are extremely excited and proud to be part of this initiative. To be able to help the environment from our position as DevOps and continuous delivery experts speaks a lot about the state of the industry as well as about the necessity of great development processes.

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