DevOps secrets to why some succeed while others fail

Many organizations, enterprises and software development companies face an enormous amount of pressure to quickly and efficiently deliver great applications. These applications need to not only tend to unique customer needs, but also receive continuous updates, improvements and new features. This requires a highly efficient pipeline with continuous integration, automated […]

Continuous Delivery vs. Integration vs. Deployment: differences

In the past few years we’ve seen the concepts Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment rise in popularity. Together with the fenomenon called DevOps, these concepts have been established as critical parts of the whole package and are being used in many various contexts without clear definitions. It’s a trending topic with many […]

Afshin Mohammadi new addition to Solidify Stockholm

The demand for services within continuous integration and DevOps continues to increase and we are happy to announce Afshin Mohammadi as the newest addition to the Solidify crew. Afshin comes recently from CAG Arete where he has worked as a consultant within continuous integration and application deployment automation. Magnus Timner, […]