Reflections on Microsoft LEAP 2019

In the beginning of february, the Microsoft LEAP conference took place. LEAP is the program for software architects and developers who are seeking the best possible professional training, delivered from Microsoft in their headquarters in Redmond, WA. Solidify was there, represented by myself and my colleagues Petra Liljecrantz and Therese Berge […]

DevOps secrets to why some succeed while others fail

Many organizations, enterprises and software development companies face an enormous amount of pressure to quickly and efficiently deliver great applications. These applications need to not only tend to unique customer needs, but also receive continuous updates, improvements and new features. This requires a highly efficient pipeline with continuous integration, automated […]

Technical debt and how to avoid it

Like a heavy backback that eventually becomes to tough to drag aong, technical debt reminds us that develpoment and improvement of a software product becomes slower and more painful the heavier our debt is. The concept of technical debt was coined by Ward Cunningham, the founder of the first wiki. […]

Solidifys Mathias Olausson presenting at SARE West

SARE, Swedish association for requirements engineering, has invited Mathias Olausson to present at SARE West on April 20th. Mathias will talk about Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), a solution for the entire team where functionalities such as requirement management, development, testing and release management are well integrated. During his presentation […]