Team Foundation Power Tools 2012

Microsoft released a TFS 2012 version of Team Foundation Power Tools.

What’s new?

  • Storyboard Shapes Power Tool:  a command line tool for creating dynamically sizeable storyboard shapes.
  • Team Members: the Team Member s tab is the biggest change in the Power Toll, its better integrated with TFS’s groups and identities and much better looking.

What’s missing?

  • Work Item Alerts:  now included in Team Web Access
  • Checking Comment Policy: now included in VS 2012
  • Rollback: now included in VS 2012
  • Work Item Search: now included in Team Explorer 2012

The old tools, the Best Practices Analyzer, the Process template manager, Team Foundation backups and so on still exist and are of course modified for TFS 2012.

Download it here:


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