Terje Sandström at Solidify

Terje Sandstrøm joins Solidify

Terje Sandstrom joins Solidify as new Chief Science Officer (CSO).  Terje will be a part of the management team, and in addition to the CSO role he will also be acting head of the upcoming Norwegian Solidify department in Oslo.

As a CSO he will be responsible for the Software Development activities in Solidify, working with the development teams to enhance the practices used at Solidify.  This is a continuous effort that goes hand in hand with the DevOps practices where Solidify has been the leading Scandinavian company for years.

About Terje

Terje is a former major part owner of a software development company for 15 years, that was acquired by Inmeta/Crayon in 2010.  After being with that company for some years, he has been working as an independent consultant, before he now wanted to join Solidify and help it grow further. Terje likes smaller companies that are agile, lean and mean, embracing change and improvement as a culture, and Solidify was a perfect match! He likes to work with teams, both as a participant but also as a coach and mentor.

– Terje is a very experienced and acknowledged professional in the field of software engineering. He has an extensive network in the software development industry in Norway. Terje embodies our company values and it is exciting to finally be able to provide Norwegian clients with the same services we deliver here in Sweden. He will be a critical component to establishing our brand in Oslo and I look forward to seeing the impact we can have on the DevOps and system development market in Norway, says CEO Magnus Juvas.

Terje has been a Microsoft Development Techniques MVP for 10 years since 2009.  He has been working with DevOps, coding, testing and project management, but his hearth is really with the coding and quality aspects of that. He loves open source development, and is part of the NUnit core team, and responsible for the Visual Studio Extensions team within NUnit.

Terje’s favorite sayings:

  • Code should be beautiful!
  • Code should express the intent of the inventors.
  • Code should be readable as a good book.
  • Code should be in the language of the real world domain.

We’re happy to welcome Terje to the team and look forward to what’s about to come.

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