TFS 2013.2

OK, this time I am a bit late…. Microsoft released TFS 2013.2 in the beginning of April, it is as the earlier updates cumulative. It’s no big update but it includes a couple of things that makes life easier for the development teams.

Tags in queries

The possibility to Tag a Work Item as been there for some time but it hasn’t been possible to use the Tags in a Work Item Query. This is now possible, the Tag field is now shown with all the other fields in the Query Editor and of course also in the result.

TFS 2013.2.1

Weekends in the Burndown

Since TFS 2012 I and a lot of my customers have been irritated that the weekends are shown in the Burdown chart. You can now finally select our working days, thank you Microsoft!

TFS 2013.2.2

Start date for the Cumulative flow diagram

Another diagram change is that you now can set a start date for the Cumulative flow diagram. The diagram shows User Stories/state over time.

Simple diagrams (Charting)

With Work Item Chart that has been around for some time it has been possible to create diagrams from a Work Item Query, you can for example show who has the most active bugs assigned at the moment. The new thing in Update 2 is that you can pin the chart in the start page, just like a Team Query.

TFS 2013.2.3

Export testplans to HTML

It has earlier been difficult to print the data in the testplans as in a report, now it’s possible to print or email the content in a testplan with test, teststeps, configuration and run settings.

TFS 2013.2.4

Microsoft release cycle.

Microsoft has since TFS 2012 increased the TFS release to about one major and 3-4 minor releases per year. Download TFS 2013 Update 2 here.


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