TFS 2013.3

Microsoft just released TFS 2013.3 . There are two new features that I really like.

Test Plan and Suite customization

It’s now possible to modify Test plans and Test Suites as any other Work Item. It also means that you can query them and also see what’s  changed in their history tab.

TFS 2013.3.1

What I think is missing and what would be nice is if you could sew the relation between Test Plans, Test Suites and Test Cases as links.

Filter setting to the backlog

In TFS 2012 the “Current sprint” User Stories where not shown in the backlog, but that was changed in TFS 2013 where all User Stories where shown in the backlog. Now you can chose witch way you want it.

TFS 2013.3.2

Read more about it here. Download it here.

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