TFS 2015.1

TFS 2015 Update 1 was release some time ago, here is a recap of my favorites.

The project homage

It’s now possible to modify project homepage and make several dashboards, there are a lot of widgets to select from. One om my favorites is the markdown widget where you can add text links and pictures, this can be a great place to share project information.

Drag and drop

There are improvement everywhere for drag and drop and multi select

  • Drag-and-drop reordering and re-parenting
  • Dragging items to an iteration
  • Dragging items to the mapping pane
  • Support for move to top and move to position on the context menu
  • Bulk edit
  • Bulk assign to

If you have a PBI/User Story that is not completed in a sprint and you drag it to a new sprint the completed tasks stay in the old sprint.

Styles and Tags

You can add color to your cards and tags according to certain criteria both in the Kanban and in the sprintboard. In the sample below I added red color to the blocked Tag.

And here I added a style that sets the color of the Task to red if there are more than 12 hour left.

Tasks as checklist

Tasks appears as a checklist in the Kanban board.

Multiple activities in the sprint

It’s finally possible to have multiple activities to a user in a sprint!


GIT and TFSVC in the same project

Up to now if you want to try GIT out or start using it for your project you had to create a new TFS project. Now GIT and TFSVC can coexist in the same TFS project.


SonarQube build tasks

SonarQube is a great product to control you technical debt, you have been able tou use it with TFS build for some time but now there are build tasks for sonar that makes to work easier.


Test retention policy

There has over the years been a big problem with test results not being deleted when the build a removed with the build retention policy, the test results and files needed for the test could take a large portion of your TFS database. Now we have a built in test retention policy that removes the test files and attachments according to your needs.

Office integration

Team Explorer doesn’t exist as a separate download anymore, if you want the Excel, Project or PowerPoint Integration you can download this separately here. You need a TFS CAL to use it.

Download TFS 2015 update 1 here.

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