Visual Studio 2012 Update 2

The second update of Visual Studio and TFS 2012 is released.

The last update, TFS 2012.1 was quite difficult to install you had the enter all accounts and settings in the application tie, TFS 2012.2 has a much better  installation experience, you install Update 2 and launch the upgrade wizard, you should see all your old settings pre-populated there.  With the exception of entering account passwords.

You will be able to install Update 2 directly on top of RTM and run the upgrade wizard.  No need to go through Update 1 first.  You could also upgrade from Update 1 or just install Update 2 on a new server without installing 2012 RTM at all.

What’s new?

Here are my favorites:

Web based Test Case Management

With the web based Test Case Management tool you will be able to run your manual test without Microsoft Test Manager. This is perfect for stakeholders running Acceptance tests or test in environments where you can’t install the Test Manager.

Test Explorer grouping/filtering tests by Class

There is is finally a better Unit test grouping/filtering experience.

A new Team Explorer connection dialogue


A new dialogue where you can see all the TFS and GIT repositories that you have connected to.

Team Foundation Server Work item Tagging

A way to tag and filter your Work Items

GIT as Version Control for TFS service

If you use TFS Service you will be able to use GIT as a source control repository, this will probably be part of the next major version of the on premises TFS.

Customize columns in the Team Foundation Kanban Board

You will be able to customize the Kanban board directly from the Web interface.

Here are all the features:

  1. Web based Test Case Management
  2. Code Map Debugger Integration and Responsiveness Improvements
  3. TDD for Windows Phone Unit Tests
  4. Test Explorer group tests by Class
  5. Web based version control Explore and Compare
  6. Send work items in email
  7. Email work items from backlogs
  8. Web version control Improvements
  9. New Team Explorer Connection dialog display multiple servers, TPCs and projects
  10. Advanced SharePoint 2010 Load Testing
  11. Team Foundation Server Work Item Tagging
  12. Extended cross browser support in Coded UI Testing
  13. Microsoft SharePoint 2013 support in Coded UI Testing
  14. Test Explorer test details improvements for Coded UI Tests
  15. Improvements in Windows Store Applications Unit Testing
  16. Test Explorer test playlists
  17. Symbol Loading improvements for IntelliTrace and Profiler
  18. While not technically part of Update 2: Git as version control on Team Foundation Service
  19. Fakes now available in Visual Studio Premium
  20. Coded user interface testing support for Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7
  21. Visual Studio HTML and JavaScript profiler
  22. Enable adding attachments to test outcomes in web based test case management
  23. Enable pausing and resuming test execution in web based test case management
  24. The ability to clone test cases in Microsoft Test Manager

Read more here at the Team Foundation Server Team blog

Download it here

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