VS/TFS 2012 RC

TFS 2012 RC is finally here!

Microsoft has released TFS 2012 RC, download it here

Brian Keller also released a new Hyper-V image with VS/TFS 2012 installed and lots of really nice hands-on-labs, download it here

What’s is new in this version? Here are some of my favorites:

Team Web Access

Web The access has a brand new look and is also quick to work with. You can work with your backlog and sprint planning in a much better way than before.



With Storyboarding you can visualize your requirements with PowerPoint and link them to a User Story or PBI in TFS.

Microsoft Feedback Manager

With the Feedback Manager, every team member can provide feedback on an application with video, audio and text. This feedback can then be assessed and placed in the backlog as a User Story or Bug.

Local workspaces and offline support

Workspaces in TFS has previously not been so easy to work with, In TFS 2012 we now have “Local Workspaces” in which files are checked out automatically regardless of which tool you edit with. The Offline support is much better. You can check out, add and delete files when you are offline; TFS handle this when you go online again.


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